Youth Wrestling

Our mission for the program is to not only to advance your child’s skills in wrestling, but also develop student athletes that make a positive impact in our schools and community.

FOUR CORE VALUES will be coached to help obtain this vision and they are:

  1. Be nice.
  2. Be safe.
  3. Make good choices.
  4. Have fun!

We believe these core values will lead to success for your wrestler! Our program teaches wrestling in an environment that fosters your child’s emerging athleticism through wrestling, gymnastics, agility, and fun competitive games. Wrestlers will also work on the foundations of wrestling and athletic development at an easy-to-learn pace based on having fun while learning wrestling. Farmington Wrestling has a proud tradition of developing our athletes through a culture of positive coaching, emphasis on effort, and having fun while learning.

2019-2020 Farmington Youth
2019-2020 Farmington Youth