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Volunteer Information

Welcome to another season of wrestling. We are excited for another awesome year and look forward to seeing our program and wrestlers continue to grow! My name is Melissa and I will be coordinating all of your volunteer hours. This year will be slightly different as in years past as we have transitioned over to a new program and will be working with DIBS to secure your hours. Our
program has been very successful over the years and that is partly due to all the great families who have stepped up and helped run some of our tournaments and events. Without you we would simply not be able to continue. I know sickness and/or life happens. If you have to remove yourself from the schedule with less than a week before an event, please work with another parent to get the shift covered. Thank you so much for your help with this.

What is my volunteer requirement?

At Farmington Wrestling, a large part of our program is run by volunteers.  As a result of this, we require all families to volunteer time to help run the program.  For the current season,  the Volunteer Commitment is:

  • Each family will be asked to complete 7 DIBS shifts throughout the year. Most DIBS will be roughly 2-3 hours in length.
  • A $300 check for volunteering is required, this is only cashed at the end of the season (approx March/April) if you do not fulfill your volunteer requirements. Your check will be shredded upon completion of your required hours.  
  • Volunteer checks are required to be turned in the first week of practice. 

COACHES ROOM Contrbutions

Each year our teams host two big tournaments. The Koda Classic is January 14, 2023 and BSC is January 21, 2023. Our coach’s room receives rave reviews and we strive to continue that experience. Each Middle School Family and High School family will be asked to donate a minimum of one larger food item (typically an egg bake or crockpot type food option) that will be brought to the school the morning of the tournament. Each youth family will be strongly encouraged to fill in remaining needs (typically drinks, fruit, cookies, etc) which will also be dropped off at school prior to tournament. We hope to continue to provide the best coaches room in our conference! Thank you so much for your help. Our wrestlers appreciate it too….as they typically get to eat all the leftovers after a tough
day of wrestling.

How do I find the "DIBS" page to Sign Up?

Farmington Wrestling uses a Volunteer system called DIBS to sign-up for hours.  In order to see available shifts/hours, you will need to login to the site with the USERNAME & PASSWORD  you created and used to register your wrestler.   

***If you are unsure of what username/password you used to sign your child up, click the "Login" button in the upper left corner of the screen and you'll find a "forgot your username" and "forgot your password" link.*******

Once Logged in,  please click on the "Dibs" tab above on the right hand side of the page, there you will see a link referencing the current season and "Volunteer", click on this link and a window will appear with the available shifts. Enter your name, phone & email (All info is required to sign up)  hit save at bottom of page.   A confirmation email will be sent to you.   Once you have completed your shift and have signed the log (at concession stand)  you can expect to see your shift marked complete within 7-10 days of the shift completion.  

How do I get my Check Back?

Once volunteer hours have been completed, your check that was collected will be destroyed - not returned

There will be no refunds of volunteer checks.  It's your responsibility to serve the hours in the specified season or your check will be cashed at the end of the season, which is typically in March or April.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our volunteer policy please contact us: 

Melissa Cobb

Volunteer Coordinator