Middle School Wrestling


Register here: https://farmington-k12.revtrak.net/

If you have questions, review the following pdf for additional directions.


Welcome back to another season of Farmington Middle School wrestling! We are excited to be able to
start our season this year. We plan on trying to have as normal of a practice as possible and provide the Middle School Wrestling experience as best as possible. However, with the new guidelines we have some new items to talk about, unpack, and inform you about. So.. let’s get to it!

  • The coaching staff has a slight change this year with Coach Heeren getting moved up to the high school wrestling coaches staff. Daniel Mushel will be joining the middle school team alongside Coach Katzenmeyer and Coach Gliva.
  • Practice will be Monday-Friday and begins 4:00 pm each day, so please if you are able to bring them by about 3:45 that would be awesome. This would also allow for a steady stream of athletes rather than any groupings to limit exposure.
  • When being dropped off for practice please use door 12. This is the door on the southern side of school by the bus corral next to the tennis courts. As for pick up, please be there NO LATER THAN 5:10 to pick up your athlete. We are trying to have a solid hour of practice, but limit exposure time as well.
  • There are no locker room this year, so we ask that your student athletes come dressed and prepared. Wear clean workout gear for each practice and shower immediately after, at home.
  • Practices will still be able to cover the skills, moves, and strategies as before, but partnering up and live wrestling will be done with the same groups or pods each day. The same two athletes will be drilling together daily, and live wrestling will be the same group of four each day to limit exposure possibilities.
  • As for practices and competitions, sadly, there will not be spectators allowed due to Covid-19 guidelines.
  • As for competitions, we have those listed on the calendar here. We have asked the athletes guardians to bring them to and from competitions. Thankfully we have more home competitions than away! The season will consist of 7 competitions with the final one being on Feb. 18th.

We know this is a more condensed season, but with a little luck and by following the guidelines we hope to still get some experience and enjoyment from this season. And again, we are incredibly excited to get back on the mat to coach this team!